Sherri Gayle

Sherri Gayle is a God fearing woman who has been inspired to write words of faith to encourage children in developing agape love in which Jesus presented in his message. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor Juvenile Justice. Sherri has had the opportunity to work with children with many diverse backgrounds. Having over fourteen years of experience in advocating for children, Sherri Gayle’s vision is to launch her very own youth center. She and her husband, Devon are blessed to have two beautiful daughters.


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Bubbles of Faith: The Faith Connection

The Bubbles of Faith title was originated from a pet name given to Sherri’s eldest daughter. From an infant, she would often call her “Bubbles.” Her daughter always seemed so bubbly- (happy; full of life) when she would talk and play with her. The rest was solely inspired by the power of God and the path in which he wanted Sherri to take. The main character, Faith, is an extremely wise little girl as she encourages her family and friends not to give up during difficult times. This resilient little girl finds herself living a life of problems and some negative road blocks. One road block after another. However, it wasn’t until she realized that there are actually some other little boys and girls who understood her strength and why it was necessary to stay encouraged. So Faith and her friends never gave up in spite of hard times. But could, Faith and her friends convince an entire neighborhood, school, and their families to not give up? Or will they do something so unique in an effort to encourage everyone during such rocky times?




  • Kimberly M. Howard | 19/01/2015

    Although, this is a children's book, it is definitely a must read for all ages. It is real to many situations that I have faced and others that I know. This is the type of book that every family can appreciate, especially with the way the world is today. I enjoyed this book and so did my kids. God is really doing something new in the media stream. And I pray that it will continue this way. I highly recommend this book to all families, races, ages, and backgrounds.



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