Vixen Heroine Hammish

Vixen Heroine Hammish grew up a child of the 80's in Chicago. Born into a world before computers were mainstream, she witnessed the "culture shift" of the Information Age. She is a Feng shui specialist with a bachelor's degree in the arts and a certificate in mental health and first aid. She is active in local and global discussions about ending the cycle of violence, and she is dedicated to the study of energy and how it impacts living things.


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If You Can Pray, You Can Feng Shui

Feng shui is a process for improving quality of life through self-discovery. Open the door for discussions on this evolutionary thought process. Inform your spirit to improve our quality of life in the United States and beyond. Read this book with the intention of healing. Tap kindness to inspire yourself and others to educate, develop, and preserve your surroundings, and indeed even the environment to build and change the world in your unique way.




  • Elizabeth Sweet | 10/12/2018

    “If you can Pray, You can Feng Shui" by Vixen Heroine Hammish is an insightful read on how to increase one's harmony with the universe and improve positive vibrations. Hammish gives ideas on how to control one's karma through simple, everyday steps. Everything in the universe is connected, and so is everything in our homes and environments. I feel that this book is so unique and timely. It discusses people's tendency to self-destruct and offers insight on how to shift our consciousness through Feng shui. We are surrounded by a world of negativity and conflict, but there are alternative creative solutions for those people who are tired of the status quo of online embattlement and the strife these interactions wreak on our well-being.


"If There’s a Book In Your Head…It’s Time to Get It In Your Hands!”

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