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VS Grenier is an award-winning children’s author and a Mom’s Choice Honoree, who loves spinning tales from her childhood into adventures in the World of Ink. When she isn’t busy writing, playing dress-up or having tea parties with her girls, she takes long hikes in the desert with her miniature schnauzer, Taz.  You can learn more about the VS Grenier at her Website.


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Babysitting SugarPaw


Illustrated by Kevin Collier


A little bear named SugarPaw hopes to get rid of his babysitter, Bonnie Whiskes, by getting her into trouble after making changes to his rules chart. As the story unfolds SugarPaw learns about honesty and friendship, in this fun loving story. “Babysitting SugarPaw”, with its child-centered plot on getting to know others, is the perfect book for little ones scared of being left alone with a babysitter for the first time. This book will delight three-to-eight-year-old readers, especially those who like to create mischief.




  • Mom's Choice Awards | 05/09/2012

    Babysitting Sugarpaw is the recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence seal of approval. To learn more about The Mom's Choice Awards and our criteria, please visit our website at www.MomsChoiceAwards.com


  • Patricia Kemp Blackmon | 06/08/2012

    Sugarpaw's Mama and Papa are going out for the evening and have asked Bonnie Whiskes to babysit for them. Sugarpaw was not happy about this. His parents explained to the babysitter the rules that were posted in the kitchen as to what Sugarpaw was suppose to do before bedtime. Even though Sugarpaw did not follow the rules Bonnie Whiskes did a great job keeping up with the mischievous Sugarpaw. Do you think Sugarpaw was sorry for all the trouble he caused Bonnie Whiskes? This such a cute book teaching how being being angry at one person then taking your anger out on someone else is not the right thing to do. What do you think he should have done? The illustrator captured Sugarpaw and the other characters in the authors writing especially Sugarpaw's very mischievousness behavior. The book was full of colors to attract and hold a child's attention and stir their imagination. The author and illustrator was a great match for bringing forth this funny story.


  • Andrea Millay | 18/02/2011

    This is a very cute book. I would recommend it for children who will have their first babysitter soon and also for someone who is going to be a babysitter for the first time. I loved that I was able to talk to my 3 yr old about what SugarPaw did wrong and what was the right thing to do each time.


  • Wayne S. Walker | 18/02/2011

    Anyone who has ever done babysitting will be able to empathize with Bonnie and her plight. For that matter, so will anyone who has ever been babysat! Author VS Grenier has created a tender, heartwarming story that children will enjoy having read to them and that parents will enjoy reading. Babysitting SugarPaw should bring back a lot of fond, and perhaps a few not-so-fond, memories for both former babysitters and former children who were babysat. After all, what would we parents do without babysitters?


  • Donna Shepherd | 18/02/2011

    In Babysitting Sugarpaw by VS Grenier, children will love to read about the mischievous antics of Sugarpaw who doesn't want to be babysat. Will Bonnie, a first-time babysitter, be able to keep Sugarpaw out of mischief until his parents return? Bonnie Whiskers finds she is up to the task, teaching Sugarpaw about patience along the way. Sweet illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier perfectly capture Bonnie's babysitting challenges.


  • Beverly Stowe McClure | 18/02/2011

    Mama Bear and Papa Bear have hired a babysitter for their baby, SugarPaw, while they go out for the evening. Let’s just say that he’s every babysitter’s nightmare. A neat twist at the end made me smile. Combine an unhappy little bear and a clever babysitter and you end up with a fun read. Babysitters will be nodding at SugarPaw’s antics, perhaps recognizing him in some of the children they’ve sat with. And young readers will giggle as SugarPaw does his mischief. Perhaps they’ll also think twice about being a troublemaker when they have a babysitter, especially if she’s a good one like Bonnie Whiskers. "Ms. Grenier’s sense of humor sparkles in this picture book. Kevin Scott Collier’s illustrations add the perfect touch to a delightful story. I recommend the book for parents, children, and everyone who enjoys a good laugh and a little bear with a big heart.


  • Donna M. McDine | 18/02/2011

    Along with the colorful illustrations of Kevin Scott Collier, VS Grenier brings to life a first-time babysitter’s apprehension and mixes in the high jinxes of SugarPaw into a delightful story of acceptance and understanding. Your personal copy of Babysitting SugarPaw will surely become worn out from reading it many times over.




  • Rick Walton | 18/02/2011

    A charming story of loving and being loved.


  • James Dashner | 18/02/2011

    Babysitting Sugarpaw is cute, funny, and sweet. Kids will love it.


  • MommyPR.com | 18/02/2011

    Recommend for children who will have their first babysitter soon and also for someone who is going to be a babysitter for the first time.






Whistle Beans


VS Grenier is back with another SugarPaw tale from her childhood…Whistle Beans!  Children have a hard time learning to whistle. However, there is a secret and VS Grenier shares it in this fun SugarPaw adventure.  But how can vegetables help and what do they have to do with whistling?  Only SugarPaw and Bonnie Whiskers can tell you in their new adventure as they chase Bonnie Whiskers’ pet parrot Cesar all over town.




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