Zelinda George

Zelinda D. George is an unrenowned, unacclaimed, unprecedented and uncharted author, writer and motivational speaker. Zelinda has been writing for over 30 years with a private collection of skits, poetry, short stories and plays to include past performances in local churches, ministry groups and organizations. Ms. George holds credentials and certifications in Early Childhood Development, Developmental Disabilities, Healthcare and Evangelism. Her bona fide, authentic love and adulation is for the hurting, wounded and disadvantaged. She is purpose driven with fervency and passion for “just benevolence” in community service, outreach and mentorship, which is the essence of her existence.


Zelinda is a divorcee and mother of one. She is a native of Waycross, Georgia, “the beloved South” and currently resides in the Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia area.




The Plight of the Black Woman

The Plight of the Black Woman uncovers and initiates consciousness while heightening awareness to the callous and insensitive depiction of the 21st century black woman. This book radiates an illuminating presence of cohesion and strength that is ever present among women of color. These women function as an elite and diverse group of shakers and movers. The Plight will empower and disburden women of all ethnicities, while causing truthful and realistic examination, by entering into self-evaluation, while restoring unsettled and deferred renewal of self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, and appreciation.



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