Bill Kalnes

Bill has been photographing nature for over twenty years, and it has become his passion. During his many travels throughout North America and Europe, he has found that Mother Nature never disappoints, providing countless subjects for his lens. Bill’s passion keeps him looking for new photo opportunities to present Mother Nature in all her natural glory, or slightly different with a little help from him.




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Mother Nature's Altered States

Mother Nature’s Altered States is a wonderful story about a young Mother Nature who, during one of her rebellious periods, decided that she would change the appearance of her creations. With that said, the story has allowed the author to take actual photographs and convert them into his view of Mother Nature’s experiment. Please enjoy the eighty-five photographs that document Mother Nature’s sojourn into the Altered States.




  • Irene S. Roth | 02/26/2018

    This is a wonderfully imaginative book that showcases the glorious scenes and colors of nature, artistically enhanced by the author to match the vision of a young Mother Nature during a rebellious stage in her life. The eighty-five photos in the book are supported by the story of Mother Nature's sojourn in to her altered states, to bring more color and flamboyance to her creations.


    Kalnes is an artist par excellence! The five sections of the book, with their introductions by Mother Nature, have allowed his imagination to capture the colors of nature like no other book that I have ever read. What a treasure trove of color and majesty! Every photograph in the book can easily be a painting that we would put up in our living rooms. The combination of colors in each of the photographs will transform the reader’s perspective of nature and let them see nature in a completely new way.


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