Brad Kuechler, M.A.

Brad Kuechler founded God’s Word International and has been the lead pastor of Rock Solid Church of San Pedro, California for two decades. Together with his wife, Carolyn, he pastors faithfully and speaks throughout the United States, bringing restoration and encouragement to people everywhere. Brad holds a master’s degree in Bible and Leadership from Vanguard University, speaks with a prophetic anointing nationally, and reaches thousands through outreach and his media ministry.



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A beautiful, poor, and dark shepherd girl was about to marry her first love until King Solomon stole her away. In Volume 1 of this epic love story, her beloved tries to rescue her and restore their love. The problem? Solomon’s intoxicating culture of prestige, wealth, and power that threatened their relationship. Against this backdrop, incredible revelations and eye-opening insights from the Song of Solomon will help you recapture your love for God.

The Chronicles of Solomon I Escape From Solomon's Church: Song Of Solomon: An Epic Love Story Into The Heart Of God




  • Irene Roth | 12/12/2016

    This is a life changing epic love story that will capture our hearts and transform our lives. It is a story that will move each reader to action and show him/her a better way to find happiness, peace and a fulfilled life.


    The Song of Solomon is in many ways a book that has been forgotten or misunderstood by much of the church. Yet it is a book that is crucially important for our times. Our culture is obsessed with materialism and prestige. The more we have the more we want. This culture has also influenced much of the church and has caused many to strive for the wrong fruit.


    In the Song of Solomon, we will discover that we can find rest in the arms and presence of God and find all we need for life. According to Kuechler, this is what Jesus desires from us. He wants us to take His "yoke" of learning His ways upon us. It is when we take God’s yoke upon us, He will bring us rest and help us overcome the heavy burdens we carry. We don’t have to pull life’s burdens ourselves.


    A wonderful aspect of this book is that all of these lessons from the Song of Solomon are told through an epic love story. It is a story about a beautiful, poor shepherd girl who was about to marry a man she really loved. However, her dream was crushed when King Solomon stole her away to make her his wife instead. What we quickly learn is that her beloved loves her so much that he will not let her go. In fact, he tries to rescue her and restore their love.


    However, there is a problem. King Solomon tried to convince her to stay with him by offering her a culture that was filled with prestige, power and wealth. This was very appealing and tempting to the poor, shepherd girl. Why? She would love to be comfortable and have all that Solomon offered. However, she would have to compromise and let go of the love of her life in order to settle for the love of King Solomon who had many wives. She would be just another wife in the house of Solomon's palace.


    It is under this backdrop that Kuechler retells the story of the Song of Solomon and presents many insights as well as deep revelation from the Song of Solomon to help us recapture our love for God. Kuechler also helps us clearly understand how Solomon's intoxicating culture still influences the church of today and how to avoid its many pitfalls.


    Escape From Solomon’s Church is the first volume and covers Chapters 1 and 2 of the Song of Solomon. The remaining volumes in the series will cover Chapters 3 through 8 of Song of Solomon. This entire series will help us develop a deeper revelation of God and captivate our hearts to love Him more. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series!


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