Dick Jacobsen

He graduated from San Jose University with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in English Literature. In 1980 he took six months off in Mijas Spain to follow a dream to write “The Chabahar Incident”. Halfway through the book and all of the way through his budget he decided to go back to building major world construction projects. Last year in 2013 he completed the book in Redding, California where he lives with Joyce, his wife and all-time best friend of thirty six years.


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The Chabahar Incident

John Wingate, the six foot four, wildly handsome, millionaire son of a major shipping company president and also the hands on heir, is the protagonist. His job and talent is to move his company’s ships in and out of the world’s ports with competence, creativity and efficiency. His office is a Pan Am first class seat, a five star hotel room, a construction hooch, a Bedouin tent or a company ship’s stateroom. He has a penchant for beautiful women and delights in their company.


The dichotomy of an all-powerful Shah, seemingly fully backed by the United States, and an aging Imam on a prayer rug in Paris is troubling to six very powerful world bankers who seek John’s help, to avoid sure financial disaster.


  • James Reimer, Author | 01/07/2014

    Dick lived in Iran at the time of the Iranian takeover in 1979 and The Chabahar Incident clearly details his recollection of the event through the eyes of his main fictional character, John Wingate II. The book vividly recalls real life experiences through exciting characters in a perilous, action packed time of Iran's history. The book is well written and keeps the readers attention with stories of John's extreme wealth, exciting romances, world travels, his family owned shipping business responsibilities and a dangerous new espionage assignment given to him by the world banking magnates. Lots of action that lands the reader on the last boat out!



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