Born in a mysterious land where buckeyes grow on trees, JXW learned about life at the University of Akron. JXW's imagination developed by wading in the waters of a massive lake that is eerie and endless. JXW is now an aging dragon, breathing fire into books for adults and children who are searching for magic.




The Big Blue Cavaliers in the City of Need


A shortcut to basketball practice at their middle school is abruptly interrupted for Jamal Adamson, Quincy Chen, and Moises (Moe) Santiago. A moment of weakness leads to the unusual abduction of Jamal's baby sister, Angel. In their quest to retrieve the young girl, the three boys enter a dark and strange world. Their search-and-find mission becomes a whirlwind adventure. The entire ordeal eventually teaches the three young boys a lesson on how to be responsible men and the importance of family.


Young Adult


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