Laura Jean

Laura Jean was born in Boise, Idaho. The third of five children, she spent her time reading and romping in the garden. She started writing poetry when she was thirteen, and this is her first published work. Now residing in Florida, she enjoys traveling when she isn't working. Life's surprises and adventures continue to inspire her to pick up her pen, her way of keeping the promise to record the essence of her life.




Heart Song

In the whirlwind of adolescence, Laura Jean copes with new and unfamiliar experiences. "Heart Song" is a compilation of impactful poems about coming of age, noticing problems that others ignore, and the difficulty of speaking out and finding your voice in a world that does not always want to hear inconvenient truths. Laura Jean writes compellingly about growing up, depression, and both the joy and pain that she has found in her own relationships. Herein lies a glimpse of her youth.




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