Mohamad Kasti

Mo (Mohamad) Kasti is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Physician Leadership Institute, specializing in empowering physicians to engage and lead the healthcare transformation.


An energetic and creative innovator with more than twenty-five years experience in healthcare and leadership, Mo has a keen ability to transform physicians, leaders and organizations. An award-winning and highly sought-after speaker, Mo trains and coaches physicians and leaders globally. His passion and work to “change the DNA of medicine through leadership” have been praised by physicians, deans, hospital leaders and national organizations.


Mo has faculty appointments in the USF Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Business, and Pharmacy. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two sons. His blog is found at:, and he can be reached at his email. For more information about the Physician Leadership Institute, visit:

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Physician Leadership: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation


When medicine meets leadership everything changes: the culture, the care, the way we collaborate, and most importantly, outcomes.


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  • Sleep Guy on Santiva | 27/04/2015

    As a graduate of the Physician Leadership Institute I am excited to see that physicians that have not been able to participate is such training can read about the power of what physicians can bring to leadership. As a busy physician, I also like that the book is a short read. This allows physicians to further read about areas that they want to cultivate, rather than having long sections about all subjects of which some may not be pertinent to my practice. -- Jose Colon, M.D., MPH. PLI Fellow



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