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Renee Lovekids is an elementary school teacher with the privilege of teaching in one of the most diverse areas in New York. To honor her school's multicultural population, the illustrations in the book are a reflection of her school and district. Several comical events have occurred in her classroom over the years, and she has begun to transform these experiences into stories. "Homework Rules!" is her mantra as any of her former students know. Renee shares Señora Cruz's obsession with homework and believes the homework instructions she assigns benefit her students and contribute to their success. To make her Friday homework assignments interesting, she often assigns students to watch cartoons they enjoy and to identify the Main Idea, Sequence, and Author's Purpose. However, her attitude towards homework has begun to change, and she has adjusted her homework format.


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Why Did My Teacher Cry Today?: A Homework Tale

“Why Did My Teacher Cry Today?” is an engaging story that students, teachers, and parents alike will find useful and interesting. Señora Cruz loves homework, but not all of her students agree. They hold a debate to discuss their views about homework. The class competes and wins the Best Behavior Certificate, but Señora Cruz is disappointed with the prize offered to her class. This book will appeal to a variety of children, parents, grandparents, and teachers.




  • Elizabeth Sweet | 09/21/2018

    Why Did My Teacher Cry Today?: A Homework Tale by Renee Lovekids is a humorous, fast-paced story about an enthusiastic, popular teacher named Señora Cruz who loves her job as a teacher…and who also loves homework—she loves to give it, and she also loved to do homework when she was a student. Her class is not united in their agreement on that matter, and they have a debate over homework policies in Señora Cruz’s class. Whatever your thoughts may be about homework, this book shows how a group of students who engage in a healthy debate can methodically develop reasoning and analytical skills. I loved this book because it was bilingual and featured a very diverse group of students who work together to accomplish a goal and win a prize that means a lot to them.


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