Shadrach Kaganda

Pastor. Shadrach Kaganda is number 7 out of the 12 children of Pastor. Mordecai and (Late) Flavia Kisembo who ministered with (Full Gospel Mission to Uganda), is a Student of Doctrine, Teacher, Disciple Maker, and a Pentecostal Born Again Historian in Uganda. He is the Founder, Senior Pastor of Garment of Love and Mercy Ministries growing from glory to glory by the grace of God located in Mukono Central Division – Ntawo Village Uganda, East-Africa. He was the Treasurer for 5years of Electoral Commission, an Organ responsible for setting up Leader-ship in the Church in the whole of Uganda within National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches – Uganda (NFBPC) and it’s the biggest Pentecostal Umbrella Body in Uganda close to 38000 Member Churches.


Pastor. Shadrach Kaganda holds an Associate Degree in Theology from Glad Tidings Bible College.




Doctrine: The Foundation of the Church

Every Scripture carries more than enough power within it to bring to fruition the desire of the revealer. God’s Word is the ultimate authority ever given to man-kind who was created in His Image (character) and Likeness (functionality) of our Creator.Shadrach Kaganda invites all readers not to approach this tool with preconceived ideas, but as if we are reading it for the first time. His clear and concise writing helps us to be provoked, challenged, and enlightened by the “deceptively simple” but “Irony-laden” words and actions of the revealed Word of God.


Devotional, Spirituality


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