Sharon Little

Sharon Little is a salesperson at her core with a background that includes inside sales, demand generation, field communications, telemarketing, sales operations, and of course, sales enablement.  She has experience with both emerging startups and rapid-growth technology companies including VMware, Oracle (Hyperion), and Cadence.  Sharon has a strong B-to-B background focused primarily in enterprise software, with industry experience that includes mobility, virtualization, finance, manufacturing, and the Cloud.  Previously, Sharon ran The Inside Advantage, a consulting firm focused on inside sales best practices.


While at VMware, Sharon founded SalesCraft.  SalesCraft is a Silicon Valley-based networking group focused on advancing sales enablement as a profession.  Sharon has been a frequent speaker at industry events and has won awards for the advancement of sales enablement.

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SalesCraft: The Enablement Advantage

In recent years, the pace of business has put increasing pressure on Sales organizations. Sales Enablement has emerged as a critical business function to address these challenges, but few understand how to unlock the power of Enablement to drive sales transformation. In SalesCraft: The Enablement Advantage learn how to implement an enablement function that inspires, differentiates and drives revenue.




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