Shirley Kufeldt

After growing up with four sisters in Illinois, then raising two daughters, Shirley Kufeldt and her husband left Illinois and her daughters to retire to Northern Wisconsin in 2007. Having participated in Bible studies for over 30 years and hearing of the efforts of so many others over the years to document their personal walk of faith, she developed the Bible Bites series. Mrs. Kufeldt participates in Tea Party activities as time allows and cares for her one grandchild (when asked) with joy.



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3 Books In One

America The Land That I Love

This journal is only a start with verses to aid in your prayers for America. The Founders may have looked to Isaiah 33:22 as the basis for God’s roll in honorable government. Consider that the U.S. Constitution describes three equal branches of government: the judicial, legislative and executive.

• For the Lord is our judge, (judicial branch)

• our lawgiver, (legislative branch)

• and our king. (executive branch)

• He will care for us and save us.

  Isaiah 33:22

No government program can ever replace the wisdom of God. You can choose a person, an issue or a position and pray for God's guideance.  We need wise and honest  judges, legislators and executive leaders with integrity at every level of government in America. God will honor your faithful prayers for America.


Goals that Lead to Success

Learn to pray God’s Word in faith on your dream, your future or your current trial, in Jesus’ Name.  God will use any circumstance of your life to encourage you to seek His best answer to your problem, which may not be your desired outcome.  On the journey you may be challenged in uncomfortable ways but your prayer will be answered in a way that matures your faith and brings glory to God.   God does indeed answer every prayer HIS way:

• Definitely

• Denied

• Delayed

• Differently

• Distributed a bit at a time

The solution to your trial will be enhanced by your faithful obedience to God when you trust Him for all things and learn to praise Him always.


The Wow Factor is a short list of verses that describe God's awesome love, grace and mercy for those who choose to follow Him.  Salvation brings amazing blessings.

• You are a child of God!

• Mercy - the penalty for your sins has been paid by Jesus

• Grace - You receive the gift of An Eternal Inheritance!

• Unconditional love!

• Forgiveness of your Sins!

• Spiritual Fruit!

• Wisdom of the Holy Spirit!

• Freedom from Condemnation!

Enjoy these verses as you respond to God's love because Christ willingly took the penalty for your sins and grants forgiveness, reconciliation and hope for the future.  Enjoy God’s Unconditional Love!



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Meet God and His Son

This small journal gives you only a short introduction to God and His Son Jesus with an opportunity to read scripture daily and write your response to it. You will learn that a decision is required for eternal salvation. Think about the following:


There may be a difference between what you believe and God’s Eternal Truth.


• Do you believe that the Bible is true and that God communicates to you through His Word?

• Do you believe that God’s laws apply to everyone?

• If gravity affects everyone on earth, do God's laws apply to you?

• Do you believe that God's Word is Truth?



All of your actions are based on what you believe.  What action will you take on your beliefs NOW?



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