Yehudit Lev

YEHUDIT LEV is the Hebrew name of Jessica Kreimerman Lew, investigative journalist, writer, teacher, inner-journey guide and community organizer. In 1997 she published “La Vida en Rosa, El Príncipe Azul, Mujeres y Amor en México,” (Prince charming and life through rose-colored glasses) a book about women and love in Mexico, based on interviews to 220 women and men and research from more than 100 books.




Keys to Recover your Power

Keys to Recover Your Power is her most recent book. It is the result of thirteen years of immersion in the world of healing, a synthesis of things learned on the road to self-empowerment. It is ideal for people searching to become the best version of themselves.


The vision Keys to Recover Your Power proposes is holistic and inclusive. It is written in feminine language as an invitation to experience how the reader, male and female, receives the feminine voice.


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