Adetokunbo Haastrup Oluyole

Adetokunbo  Haastrup Oluyole is the author of Living in God’s Essence.  She is the founder of Sex in the City: How to live pure in an impure world. She is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary with a Masters of Arts in Theology. Her thesis was entitled Ethno-Religious Conflict in Jos, Nigeria: Methods for Bringing about Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Region.  Adetokunbo, her husband, George, and their two children-Hannah and Nathan live in Maryland. Website




Living in God’s Essence

In Living in God’s Essence, author Adetokunbo Haastrup Oluyole shares her deep passion and love affair with God. She walks you through a 40-day journey for college students (Undergraduate and Graduate Professionals) on how to once again access the presence of God, by rediscovering your identity in God and thus finding your love and passion for God once again. This devotional calls and challenges those who have gone through real world difficulties yet longs for an intimacy that only comes from God; that longs to be the vessel of God which carries the essence of God; that longs to exude the attributes of God and to chase after Him once more.


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