Allison Motz

Allison has over 16 years of leadership experience in developing public/private partnerships that create solutions to community economic and social challenges. She is currently the managing member of Allison Motz Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm begun in February 2009 for non-profits and government agencies. The firm provides project management services from project conception, development, implementation, and evaluation. She is a mom to three beautiful children, Madison, Emily, and Maximilian.




Where Is My Dee-Chee?


Every parent knows when their child is desperate to find a beloved item, you will search everywhere to find it. For Emily, it is her Dee-Chee. Travel with Emily as she seeks to find her Dee-Chee across family-fun places in Cleveland, Ohio and meets a few characters along the way! Maybe Harry the Hippo has it, or the Knight in Armor, or Mr. Tri-Ceratops, or the Fishermen, or the Baker! Will Emily find her Dee-Chee? And if so, where? Read and find out!




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