Audrey Moore

Audrey Moore, first time children’s author, works in marketing and publicity. She was born and raised in Kildare Town, Ireland. Audrey lives in the countryside of County Kildare with her husband, Ray, and two children, Jessica and Elinor.




Ping and Po-Li


Ping the Panda tires of eating bamboo and takes a stroll to the man village to his friend Po-Li. They embark on a food adventure through the Asian Rainforest in search of tasty treats. They have great fun discovering what other animals eat and meet some very interesting new friends along the way, including a coconut crab and a vulture named Vicky.


All the animals that feature in the book are endangered and there is a ‘Did You Know’ section at the back of the book with fun facts. Also there is a fun map at the end to ‘Follow the trail of Ping and Po-Li’ through the Asian Rainforest.




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