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Brian Newberry graduated with high honors from Biola University, receiving a B.A. in Psychology and becoming inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Society for scholastic achievement. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in Theology and Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific Seminary. He is also a catechist at St. Pancratius Roman Catholic Church in Lakewood, CA. He lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Long Beach, CA.


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Sage against the machine, Pneumatika II

Dr. Christian Sage and his team of archaeologists are at it again, this time discovering a tablet that confirms the biblical story of Jonah in the hostile territory of Iraq. However, they are up against former friend and colleague turned radical imam, Jabari Saal, who is empowered by demonic forces and is leading a worldwide campaign to restore the ancient religion of Cain en route to world dominion.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sage’s grown children—Alex and Alicia Sage—are being pursued on both national and international fronts. In the United States, Alicia Sage has become a dangerous thorn in the president’s side and a threat to his plan to reduce American dominance and radically bring about the New World Order. Now on the run abroad, Alex Sage travels from Italy to Egypt and Israel, encountering a barrage of opposition that includes CIA operatives, a remnant of giant demi-gods from ancient times, and the infamous Jabari Saal himself.


Sage Against the Machine, the sequel to The Battle of Pneumatika, is not only a thrilling apocalyptic novel, but it also explores ancient biblical narratives, theology, and spirituality and places them within a thrilling tale of suspense in a modern political context.


  • Irene S. Roth | 02/02/2016

    This is a unique thrilling apocalyptic novel that will transport the reader to many different realities, all of which are pensive and suspenseful at the same time. This combination is hardly ever found in a novel of this sort. This novel is a sequel to The Battle of Pneumatika.


    Despite the fact that Sage Against the Machine is a novel, it is so much more than that. The reader will explore many ancient biblical narratives, such as the story of Jonah, and various different topics such as spirituality and theology. It is book that I will be reading and rereading because it is steeped in historical anecdotes that span many thousands of years.


    The story is about Dr. Christian Sage who is trying to discover a tablet that will confirm the biblical story of Jonah in Iraq, a place that is ravaged by violence and instability.  They get resistance from a person who is empowered by demonic forces and is leading the campaign to restore the ancient religion of Cain. What is even more alarming is that while Dr. Sage is engaging in this struggle, his own grown children, Alex and Alicia are being pursued on national and international levels. Alicia Sage has become a dangerous threat to the American president's plan to bring about the New World Order. Meanwhile, Alex Sage encounters much opposition from a remnant of demi-gods from ancient times in his travels between Italy and Israel. Can they overcome their opposition, and can Dr. Sage’s children be safe?


    Being a philosopher interested in the historical and theological contexts imbedded in biblical accounts, I found this book very fascinating. I will be recommending it as a must read to many of my students. Thank you Brian Newberry for such a wonderful book!  You will certainly capture the attention of many readers who are interested in novels that go beyond the usually story lines contained in apocalyptic novels.



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