Donna J. Moore

Donna is an ordinary person who experienced an unsurvivable adventure with grace and love. She shares her story with others to give them hope and inspiration. She is a CPA, a person of numbers, yet she declined the invitation to learn her odds of survival in order to keep herself centered with God.


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Handle With Love


This is not a story of a cancer survivor, but a true adventure story. It was labeled “Donna’s Big Adventure” to soften the fear. You will follow Donna through highs and lows of comedy and sadness with an underlying spirit of strength. You will see her shine through with faith, friends and family. And you will get the answer to the weird question – “What’s The Best Part of Cancer?”





  • Irene S. Roth | 06/15/2018

    Donna is a woman who describes herself as being average in all areas of her life—all areas but one: cancer.


    When she was diagnosed with a rare metastatic cancer—a diagnosis that would make many people give up and lose all hope—Donna decided it was time to try all the solutions that she came across.


    Honestly-told, entertaining, and heart-breaking in turn, Moore takes us through the trials and tribulations of her “adventure with cancer” with vulnerability. All of those who have been through cancer or have a loved one struggling with a life-threatening disease will both laugh and cry their way through this book, which is ultimately not about surviving cancer but about thriving through it.


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