Elizabeth Manuel

At 32 years of age and mother of three children, she divorced a controlling husband after sixteen years of marriage. After experiencing various other jobs, she finally found her passion in life (Barbering). She not only made it as a successful barber, but also as a successful owner in a predominately male profession. She also enjoys having worked for over 23 years, side by side, with her daughter, Josette. It proved to her that if you have faith and work hard, you can have anything you want. You can fulfill your dream.




Beautiful, Beautiful, the Haircut's Not Bad Either

The book details the obstacles and rewards of ‘making it’ in a predominantly male profession. My courage in battling stereotypes and gender biases has led to a joyous career and a great deal of stories. It is a testament to both self-reliance and resilience in a highly volatile and character filled workplace. My story will inspire women to follow their hearts and be strong, capable leaders in their own chosen field. I also give a brief history of barbering and things like; how to know if you are walking into a beauty shop or a barber shop and what the red, white and blue colors of the barber pole stand for?



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