Jerome N. Okoye

Jerome N. Okoye was born and schooled in Ajegunle, Nigeria’s most notorious slum, as the tenth child of a polygamous family of sixteen children and three wives.


He spent his boyhood days witnessing firsthand the very depths of lack and uncertainty, and his adult days finding his place in a society that gives nothing willingly.


A firm believer in the certainty of the word of God and the miraculous, Jerome walks the Christian faith with the singular opinion that if it is written in the Bible, then it is the word of God and can be trusted.


His one goal is to have people come to the full realization of their potentials, both as individuals and as sons of the Most High.


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Calling on the Deep: The Believer’s Quest for Revival

In Calling on the Deep, the author attempts to answer, based on scriptures, the simple questions of the Christian faith, and of life.


The book challenges believers to seek the truth from the infallible word of God, and in doing so, to strive towards the fullness of that which was originally ordained—life, and life in abundance.


Once this truth is known, the author dares the believer to go a step further and do that which is known for only then are we truly blessed.




  • Irene S. Roth | 06/06/2018

    This is a timely and important book about finding the truth in God’s way of living and knowing what we believe and living it. It is a book that will deepen our faith and make us more humble servants of God.


     We all experience so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction in our lives. Could this unhappiness and dissatisfaction be because we don’t know the path that leads to happiness through Jesus?  Is it possible that we are culprits of our own misery?


    Many of us doubt God, either deliberately or otherwise. This skepticism causes a lot of problems for us. For one thing, we won’t be living a life that is worthy of God if we don’t trust Him. We will simply live as if what matters most is what we desire right now, for, without faith, it is impossible to please God.


    We must always be conscious of the truth that we are partakers of His divine nature. However, to optimize this advantage, we must be willing to put aside human nature and put on the very nature of divinity. God, by His divine power, has given us all things that pertain to life. Such nature of God comes through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue.


    We also live in a world where everything is quick and in the moment. There is no waiting for things to happen. Given our technological world, it is easy to get answers quickly. But are those answers that satisfy us for long?


    Do we even know what we are called to do? If we don’t know that we are sons and daughters of God, we can’t know what we are called to do. We should do what matters most to God in our lives.


    To do this, we have to see correctly with the eyes of the Spirit and live according to that which we see. Our one desire should be to live and walk within the Spirit in obedience to God. When we do this, God’s revival can begin in us, and from us to the very ends of the earth. This is our path to true happiness—the type only our God gives.



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