Kim Nottingham

As a registered nurse for over 15 years, it was only a matter of time before some of her memorable experiences made their way onto paper. Currently working as a wound care nurse in Akron Ohio, Kim lives with her two children and husband in Stow, Ohio.




The Path That Led Me Here

Inspired by a true story...


Maddie has a secret and it's a big one. Confident that cancer is causing the symptoms she has been experiencing, she opts not to seek treatment. Instead, she embraces the deadly illness, hiding it from those around her in hopes of quietly drifting away. How she got to this place was a cascade of events ignited by the death of her only child. Unable to cope with the loss of her son, and the destruction of her marriage because of it, she takes comfort in her failing health. Events out of her control threaten to expose her secret and disrupt her carefully laid plans. The return of Kevin, a friend from her past, complicates matters and forces Maddie to question her choices. She now must face the consequences of her actions even while daring to ask for a second chance at happiness.




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