LaVern Manigault, MBA

LaVern Manigault, MBA, is a Christian motivational speaker. She is the proud mother of an amazing son, and her main goal is to lead individuals to Jesus Christ through her speaking engagements and writings. LaVern loves inspiring others, traveling, cooking, reading, and is an active leader in her community. She lives in Atlanta, GA. She is living life without any resistance to doing God’s will.




Prayers for Comfort: When You Do Not Know What to Say


Prayers for Comfort: When You Do Not Know What to Say is formulated to inspire natural and heartfelt prayer without being discouraged to meet God where you are. The prayers are birth through the Holy Spirit and open direct communication with God so you can be heard and answered. In addition, making prayer a number one priority leads to results and major breakthroughs. Embrace the  prayers with joy!




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