Leeann Pellegrin

Leeann Pellegrin is a beloved member of the community in Fairmont, West Virginia. A tireless advocate for the disabled, Leeann is a volunteer at the Disability Action Center and for the Special Olympics, all the while juggling the duties as mother of 5 children. She also works full time as a Medical Language Specialist. Her first book 'Hey, I'm Alex' chronicles the experience of living with a special needs child through the eyes of a sibling. The book is based on her own experiences raising her two youngest boys Kyle, 12, who has Klinefelter's syndrome and Alex, 9, the youngest son who must also navigate the path of living with a special needs child. She hopes that her first foray into the publishing world will reach other children who may be living with special needs siblings and make a positive impact on their lives.




Hey, I'm Alex

This book started out actually as a story for my youngest son Alexander, who out of this family of 7, probably sacrifices the most for his older brother, Kyle. It was my way of telling him “hey buddy, I know what you go through; but remember Alex, God gave us Kyle because he trusted us to take care of him and teach him” which of course, doesn’t go very far with an 8 year old... but that we are no different than any other family that he knows, when he really sits down and thinks about it...




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