Lisa Phipps

Lisa grew up in west-central Minnesota.  She earned her degree in elementary education at the University of Minnesota, Morris and moved to Montana to begin her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse.  She is a runner, a writer, and a Sunday school teacher, but her favorite thing to do is ride horses with her husband and their three children on their Montana cattle ranch.




Facing the Lion

The sequel to RACING THE FLAME . . .

The Landers family attempts to leave the devastation of the wildfires behind them as they look forward to finding the perfect horse for Abby’s birthday.  But the joy of her birthday celebration is soon overshadowed by a menacing new nemesis threatening the cattle ranch; a mountain lion has crept from the charred and barren forest in search of prey.  Jay and his sister Katy must summon a courage rooted deeply in faith as they prepare to defend their livestock and face the lion before it strikes again.


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Racing the Flame

Wildfires rage across the drought-stricken Montana ranch land, forcing the Landers family to evacuate their home.  Jay and his sister, Katy, must save their terrified cattle from the fire’s grasp.  The fire is swiftly gaining when Katy’s horse gallops away from the smoky haze without her rider.  Will Jay’s faith be stronger than his fear as he races toward the flame to find his sister?


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  • Irene Roth | 11/19/2016

    This is a story about courage, perspicacity and faith in the midst of trials and danger. This is a wonderful story with a powerful message about having faith and believing that everything is going to turn out for the best, even when everything looks bleak.  God truly works in mysterious ways.


    This book is about a topic that is familiar in our world today. It is not uncommon for wildfires to rage in different parts of the world. And it is devastating to the people involved because they are at risk of losing all of their livelihood and everything they worked so hard to build.


    This story showcases wildfires incinerating the drought-stricken Montana ranch land, forcing the Landers family to flee from their home. While they prepare to evacuate, fourteen-year-old Jay and his sister, Katy, devise a daring plan to rescue their herd of cattle from the fire’s grasp. But Katy falls from her horse’s back as the terrified mare gallops just ahead of the fast-approaching flames. In the ensuing life-and-death race against time, Jay must face the fire’s fury and search for his sister. Will his faith be strong enough to fortify him? This is a story about courage, perspicacity and faith in the midst of trials and danger. It is a book that will teach everyone the true meaning of having faith, and that God is always looking after us, especially when times get hard. The illustrations are also stunning in the book. They bring the story to light for the younger and older reader alike.


    I loved the story from beginning to end and will be recommending it to my church community.



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