Marli Swan Pereira

Marli Swan Pereira is a California State Licensed Esthetician.  She is an advocate of skin cancer prevention.  Her passion is educating children about their skin and how to protect it from the suns damaging rays.  She lives in Southern California with her husband and their three children.


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What’s Up Skin! With Sunburn Sally and Burning Ben

When you’re outside having fun,


Watch out, your skin is in the sun.


Put on sunscreen, do not delay,


So your skin is protected while you play.


Sunburn Sally and her friend Burning Ben, use rhyming and playful illustrations, to teach children about their skin and how to protect it from the suns bright rays.




  • Rob | 14/04/2015

    A friend recommended this book. I am a single dad and my daughter is prone to sunburns. She is 6 and she liked this book a lot, lot, lot! Thank you for writing it.


  • Renee | 31/03/2015

    My little girl is 3 and very fair skinned. She really enjoyed your book. She really liked the pictures too!


  • Elizabeth | 31/03/2015

    As a mother of two - this book was a godsend! It was so cute and engaging - my children loved it. The author speaks to children at their own level and helps them understand the dangers of sun exposure. I look forwrd to seeing more from this author.



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