David Rodriguez III

David Rodriguez III was born and raised in deep South Texas (Weslaco, Texas). He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. After graduating, he applied to numerous dental school programs, in hopes of becoming a pediatric dentist. However, life had a different plan for him, and he accepted a position as a preschool teacher. His work in the classroom inspired him to write his first book.


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The Many Adventures of Bruiser The Jack Russell Terrier

Bruiser, a mischievous Jack Russell Terrier, wakes up ready for an adventure. After devising a plan to sneak into Mr. David’s preschool, Bruiser weasels his way into different classrooms, meeting new friends and causing many mishaps—mishaps that get many of the students in trouble! After seeing the students sitting out during recess, a new friend helps Bruiser realize that he should take responsibility for his actions. Bruiser then decides to make matters better for all.


Children, Animals


  • Elizabeth Sweet | 06/06/2018

    “The Many Adventures of Bruiser The Jack Russell Terrier” by David Rodriguez III is a fun story about a mischievous wiry-haired dog who goes on an adventure at Mr. David’s school. He meets some new friends at school and ends up making quite a mess. Bruiser ultimately learns essential lessons from the students about cleaning up after himself and telling the truth. This book is a useful tool when discussing proper behavior and rule following with young children, both in the classroom and at home. This timeless yet straightforward message teaches children that, even at a young age, they can do what is right by telling the truth and being responsible for their actions.


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