Eleanor Spitz

Eleanor Spitz, usually known as Ellie, was a native of Illinois but has lived most of her life in Ohio where she has worked in formal business, private and public but has always wanted to show her more creative, artistic side. Now it is time for her to fulfill some of those dreams. Ellie is very involved with her family and the family pets. She has enjoyed and loved the family dogs and found them not only entertaining and fun but realized there are life lessons we can learn from their loyalty and love that is worth sharing. In fact, there are so many stories worth sharing that she has planned a series of books.




Phoenix The Rising Star

The author would like to encourage people to find their pets from dog shelters knowing they can be really good choices. She also wants to show that no matter how difficult life can be at times, it can change and something good can come if you don’t give up and have a belief that it will get better. This is a true story and Phoenix was a wonderful companion and friend.





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