Ilene Sims

Ilene Sims is a mother, musician, songwriter, teacher, and motivational speaker. Through struggles of divorce, breast cancer, and being a single mom, she chose to pursue “life to the full” and made the conscious choice to love and forgive. Since life’s journeys are always unfolding, Ilene chose to engage that journey and to patiently trust its process. She’s learned to SOAR!


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Soaring with Frankie

While watching this tiny bird (Frankie) the last 4 years, Ilene noticed obvious metaphors of his life that paralleled hers. One thing she learned from Frankie is that fear is not an option. It’s been Ilene’s joy observing Frankie puddle through difficult situations. He’s gone from being fearful, stuck, hiding safely inside the cage to becoming comfortable with his environment and catapulted into a whole new world around him. Ilene wants children, teens, and families to realize through Frankie that there is hope, and there is help. She wants them to know that they can arise out of whatever difficult situations that come their way.


  • Irene S. Roth | 06/06/2018

    This is a very inspiring story for all to become aware of redemption and survival. It is a book about thriving in the face of adversity that will speak to a wide range of audiences, with lessons for children, teens, and adults alike.


    This story is about a metaphor between one lady and her beautiful red-factor canary, named Frankie. This woman had gone through hard times of her own, but spending time with the canary and relating to his challenges revivified her heart so that she was able to continue living valiantly. But what is more, Frankie reminded her of a lot of important life lessons that she herself had faced.


    When this woman would take Frankie out of the cage to clean it, he didn't fly but merely walked on the floor. How can a bird not fly? All canaries (and many other birds) can fly, but not Frankie. Was the bird scared? That is the kind of fear that the protagonist could relate to very well. She had been safe and hiding in her own cage of life made of the limitations she faced in her life, but she knew that she had been born to rise and conquer.


    While Frankie was in his cage, the woman noticed his little wings beginning to flutter with a vengeance. Something in Frankie had awakened and he had regained his ability to fly. There was an assurance and confidence in Frankie. He now flies with no limits and no boundaries. His fears all subsided and he not only flies, but now he soars!


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