Marilyn K Ruzicka

Marilyn K. Ruzicka was born and raised in Southern California and has been creating art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Mostly self taught, she has honed her skills from books and classes, as well as her 14 years of excellent Catholic school education. She has always enjoyed writing in both prose and verse. Marilyn loves nature and animals, and enjoys the outdoors for both work and play, especially from the back of her horse.


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Christmas Star Angel

The heavens are full of energetic little angels whose job it is to keep the stars shining brightly, but one was chosen for a very special task.


Children, Holidays


  • Irene Roth, Book Reviewer | 10/12/2013

    The Christmas story is so mesmerizing. But for the baby Jesus to be viewed through the eyes of a twinkling angel is unique and awesome. It will tweak a child’s imagination and help her to remember the Christmas story even more vividly. The illustrations are absolutely stunning. The deep colours and bright lights will transport every child into the world of stars and angels as they twinkle, sparkle, flutter and flash.



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