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Pam Saxelby's books reflect her ability to tap into children's emotional world: their questions, worries, and joys. After 25 years in the classroom as an early childhood educator, Pam pursued her life-long love of children's literature and began writing her own books. The Great Grace Escape is the third in a series of books inspired by Pam's grandchildren. Other titles include Max and Bear and Josie the Great. Pam and her husband, Bill, split time between Chicago, the Florida Keys, and Brooklyn, New York.


The Great Grace Escape was illustrated by Pam's daughter, Anne Saxelby, founder and co-owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers in New York City. In addition to being a national leader in the artisan food movement, Anne is an artist who graduated from NYU's studio art program. Anne illustrated Josie the Great (which was inspired by her children) and created the illustrations for The Great Grace Escape, based on her young niece. Anne and her family live in Brooklyn.


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The Great Grace Escape

Grace is the boss of her underwater home! Grace decides what to do, how to do it, and when! But… as time passes, and as Grace hears voices and sounds that peak her interest, she begins to wonder if there is an even better place.

With humor, imagination, and tenderness, author Pam Saxelby, and illustrator Anne Saxelby, explore a baby’s arrival, and the delight found in arriving at just the right place.




  • Elizabeth Sweet | 10/12/2018

    “The Great Grace Escape” tells the beautiful tale of the adventure of a baby being born. First, Grace is the master of her domain. She can hear voices that make her feel strong emotions, but she doesn’t know who those voices belong to. One day, Grace “escapes” to an unknown place…and she identifies who those voices were from…her loving parents. I loved this book because it gives parents and their young readers a chance to discuss pregnancy and childbirth in a way that little ones can understand. The discussion guide at the end provides parents with some good ideas on how to converse with their children about the topic of where they came from. My children love this book, and it really helped me discuss the topic of pregnancy and childbirth comfortably with them.



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