Sam Shaker

Sam Shaker started his career as an artist after obtaining his degree from Leonardo da Vinci academy of art. He travelled to Paris where he worked as a street artist in the hope of fulfilling his ambition to follow in the footsteps of the famous art masters. From there he went to London to work as a street artist in Bayswater Road, London. He spent every Sunday exhibiting his art work there.


He finally fulfilled his dream when 25 years ago and opened an Art Gallery & Jazz Club in Greek Street Soho London to combine music and art, where occasionally he joins the bands to play drums or bass guitar.


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Art I Love

My book is based on teaching art students step by step portraiture and art technique, with a mild history of art as you cannot do one without the other.

With a celebrity twist, there is the appeal of people to paint iconic images of their favorite pop stars. For parents wanting to learn how to paint their own children’s portraitures, there is a section of the book on painting children.


I wish to have my photo with my beloved Amy on the back cover of my book as she was my main supporter for the past five years – without her encouragement, support and love of art this book would not exist. Sadly Amy is no longer with us but her spirit will live on in my book with her photos and art gallery for her fans all over the world to enjoy. I have no doubt in my mind that Amy would be happy to be on the cover of the book.





  • amysarmynow | 02/06/2012

    Sam's book is a must read for all artists seeking to master portraiture. Painters of AJW will at least double their abilities to capture her by following the techniques that Sam lays out in detail. A great book for new and experienced artists; lots of great art history is included, too.


  • Irene S. Roth | 24/04/2012

    Have you always had a burning desire to sketch or draw? If so, Sam Shaker’s book is for you. He breaks down the artistic process into stages, from the beginning sketches of portraits to the final outcome. Shaker believes that the purpose of art is to inspire new thoughts. I believe Shaker accomplishes much more than this in this wonderful book. Shaker knows poverty and hardship. He started as a street artist painting portraits in Paris. Passers-by saw and recognized his raw talent and artistic gifts first hand. Shaker has sketched a lot of portraits in his lifetime, and his rare gift has brought him out of this poverty in Paris. Currently, he is based in London where he became Amy Winehouse's personal painter, completing a gallery of over 40 oil portraits of Amy. Amy often referred to Sam Shaker as her second Dad. Sam also had the pleasure of being commissioned by personal celebrity friends such as Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It will transport the reader to a new appreciation of art like no other. What a true masterpiece of artistic talent!



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