Shermelle Schaffer

Shermelle Schaffer is a consultant for local courts and colleges where she teaches life skills to first-time offenders and students. She designed Accepting Change Today, a program that assists individuals in their personal development, ranging from increasing effective communication to emotional intelligence. The interactive approach engages clients to enhance their learning. In 2017, Shermelle was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer from a routine self-breast examination. As Shermelle was faced with endless decisions, she began to journal about her cancer journey. The journal turned into a manual that outlined how she navigated the healthcare maze. It is her hope that you will be able to learn from her as you also become the commander of your care.




Commander of My Care

"Commander of My Care" is designed to outline best practices for effectively navigating health care. Each chapter is divided into three sections to provide a seamless approach when talking to doctors, finding resources, and understanding the impact of good decision making. With everything from a healthy dose of humor to information on negotiating medical bills, Shermelle has outlined several key components that will help you to take charge of your health care journey.




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