Timothy Reed

Timothy Reed is a retired Police Sergeant from the Evansville, Indiana Police Department. Mister Reed served with the U.S. Air Force in a military police unit in Germany during the Cold War. He had the clearance to tour parts of communist East Germany during his tour in Europe. There, he observed the horrific effects of communism on not only that Nation’s economy, but on the human spirit. He learned that, when government insists that it bequeaths all of men’s rights, instead of God, all will suffer.


He now lives and writes in Wadesville, Indiana, with his wife.




Wings held up by Hope

Samuel Langhorne Clemens ( Mark Twain ) once quipped that poverty was the most extreme form of violence. Clemens was wrong. Or, maybe, he was speaking about a condition which can affect the most people, at any one time. He was, after all, speaking at a time when the horrific Civil War was raging. The War lasted for approximately five years, and stopped. Poverty continued.


Wings Held Up By Hope is about the condition of the heart, the individual heart, during times of personal turmoil. For the individual, the most extreme form of violence is that which the individual may inflict upon him or herself during periods of upheaval. The secular Psychology books are full of strategies for coping.


The Holy Scripture simply calls for us to seek God Wings held up by Hope describes how I tried both; and, how I learned to seek God first.




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