Valerie Redmond

Valerie Redmond is a teacher, an author and a mom. She was inspired to write by her two children, as well as her students in both Canada and Kenya. She believes that when children are given the opportunity and encouragement to follow their dreams, the world becomes a better place.





Harry & the Answer Feather

Inspired by the spiritual wisdom of Indigenous Peoples, Harry and the Answer Feather is the story of a boy who learns to trust his instincts and to see with his heart. In our busy world, our intuition can be our most reliable source of guidance.


This book supports The Ben McKinnon Fund, which is building a daycare in Pucallpa, Peru, enabling young mothers to gain employment and support their families.




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Emma and the African Wishing Bead

Emma and the African Wishing Bead is a story about two girls, separated by an ocean and united by their dreams. It is about the beauty we all have to offer the world when we follow our passions, believe in ourselves, and unleash our true potential.


Half of the profits of this book go to the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES), a non-profit organization which provides secondary school scholarships to girls in Kenya and Tanzania. For more information, please go to




  • John | 22/08/2013

    My child really enjoyed this book.


  • Michelle | 13/03/2013

    This story and illustrations are delightful. It is a wonderful story and for first timers who did this book, I feel it is great. The pages are colourful which helps keep young minds interested in the story. In conclusion young and old, we can all dream big


  • Ilish Redmond | 13/03/2013

    This is a beautiful book. All ages, boys and girls, and even adults will enjoy this inspirational book. So proud of my aunt for creating such a wonderful story. Highly recommend this story for everyone!


  • Corry | 07/03/2013

    My son loved this book! It captured his imagination from the very beginning and drew us both into one of the most beautiful and inspirational children's stories that I have ever read. This book is a must for every child's collection of special stories.


  • Andrea | 26/02/2013

    A wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story. An important message for us all about dreaming big, being grateful and remembering how we are all connected to one another. A must have addition to any child's library!


  • Chatterbox Speech | 25/02/2013

    This is a first-class book! There is a message for us all in these beautiful pages... a real triumph of the spirit. I will be reading this regularly with the children coming through the doors of Chatterbox Speech as well as the children in my personal life. Truly delightful! - Tamsin Atherton MSc., Speech-Language Pathologist


  • Emma | 24/02/2013

    I really love your book mom, it is super!


  • Kathleen | 23/02/2013

    Every once in awhile, you read a book that captures all you would love to say to your child in a way that captures their hearts. This is a book that does just that. It a beautiful story with wonderful illustrations...a message about believing in "the beauty of your dreams". Highly recommend!


  • Barbara | 21/02/2013

    A beautiful inspirational story with lovely pictures. A book I would recommend for all ages. I loved it.


  • Johanna | 21/02/2013

    A truly inspiring book. A beautiful story that reminds us about gratitude, hope, commitment and the inter-connectedness of all of us. I recommend this book to everyone!



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