Angie B Williams

Angie B. Williams, an ordained Mennonite minister, is a sought-after speaker and prolific writer. Joy In Adversity, partly authored while undergoing breast cancer surgery and treatments, is a powerful treatise on how to live free amidst the storms of life. Jesus Wants Your Mind! is a “must read” for those who desire to strengthen their walk with the Lord by meditating on Scripture.




Jesus Wants Your Mind

“Jesus Wants Your Mind!” by my friend, Angie, is firmly rooted in the Word. She shares deep revelations of the Holy Spirit with powerful illustrations sprinkled with humor. I highly commend to you this refreshing book teaching the Biblical basis for reclaiming the art of meditation and contemplative prayer. –John F. Sloop, D.Min., Pastor


I agree heartily with her main premise—“That which dominates the mind controls the person!” The regular practice of meditation can help us find God’s peace and the courage we need to face daily challenges –Ervin Stutzman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Mennonite Church, USA


This book is designed by an experienced lecturer, writer and servant of God…to help you establish a pattern for being still and knowing God. Don’t wait; start now! –Sallye Trobaugh, Author, Spiritual Director


This book will move you to a new level of faith and intimacy with the Lord as you allow His Spirit to guide you. –J. David Eshleman, D.Min., Church Planter, Pastor


“Res Ipsa Loquitor,” a medico-legal term meaning “the thing speaks for itself,” when invoked by counsel has to be accepted as truth, and nothing but the truth. This book speaks for itself! – Conrad R. Zapanta, M.D.




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