Daniel Trutza

Born and raised on the communist side of the Europe’s “dividing wall”, Daniel grew up in a Christ loving family. His love for the Lord started early and grew with time, and part of his dreams were fulfilled when he immigrated to US, after the “wall fell down”. A self titled “sinner saved by Grace”, Daniel has been married to his beautiful and loving wife for twenty-four years, and they have two grown up children that love the Lord with all their heart. His deep love for the Lord and his family permeate his writings.




Mountain and Valleys: The Journey of My Faith

It all started as a couple of words on a piece of paper many years ago, but God had other plans for them. He decided to lay my path through Mountains and Valleys, and furthermore, He helped me understand the reason for it. God wants me to use these poems as a map, to be a guide for others that have similar paths so they can use it as a lamp to guide their feet, and as a light for their paths. This life is a journey to the promised destination.


Inspirational, Poetry


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