David P. Zuccaro

David is a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio. He grew up with his two brothers and quickly developed a passion for drawing, telling stories, cars, fitness and anything associated with his beloved Cleveland sports franchises. He started making his own comic books in spiral notebooks when he was 8 years old and continued to develop his skills and the elaborate worlds of his characters until high school. He completed a BA in communications at Cleveland State University and then worked many jobs from restaurant management, to automotive maintenance, to mentoring autistic adults in life skills and self sufficiency. He currently resides in Streetsboro, Ohio with his wife Caroline and their baby daughter, Layla. The birth of his daughter finally inspired him to chase his dream and Chombie's First Adventure was born. He is excited to share Chombie with the world and hopes that children will like the characters as much as his daughter does.


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Chombie's First Adventure

Chombie is a young puppy who leaves her bed for the first time. She is determined to have a fun adventure and faces several obstacles along the way. She finds her way back to her bed where the fun adventure she was looking for ensues. This book will help children understand the importance of eating for energy, that you can overcome adversity, and that sometimes the best adventures are right under your nose.


Children, Animals


  • Carolyn Nicholas | 01/02/2014

    This book is awesome. Not only are the pictures cute and the story plot appealing, but the hidden message of the book is what makes this book special. And it is about a puppy, who wouldn't love that?


  • Irene Roth, Book Reviewer | 24/10/2013

    This is a super cute picture book. The illustrations are colourful and adorable. They will appeal to kids of all ages. And what child would not be able to relate to the love of an adorable snuggle puppy, even if it is naughty and adventuresome?



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