Elizabeth E. Williams

Elizabeth Williams was raised in Compton and Long Beach, California, and currently resides with JohnIII, the love of her life,and their adorable son, JohnIV, in Camas, Washington. She loves international travel, adventure, and, most importantly, her family.

In between her adventures, she hopes to make the world better than she found it by encouraging others to live their best lives. Elizabeth consults with healthcare, government, nonprofit and community organizations on addressing equity in health.

The Adventures of Joyful John: John Rides His Bike is Elizabeth's first book and the beginning of a new series. Learn more about her at ElizabethEWilliams.com.


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The Adventures of Joyful John: John Rides His Bike

Go, John, go!

Joyful John loves adventure, and he finds it everywhere he goes! Pedaling away on his trusty bike, John is ready to explore the neighborhood. The Adventures of Joyful John: John Rides His Bike is the first book in an exciting new picture book series by debut author Elizabeth Williams that focuses on just how much fun being active and exploring the world can be with your parents nearby, of course. John Rides His Bike is the perfect way to encourage kids and parents to go outside, play, and live active, healthy lifestyles.




  • Erma Note | 07/04/2018

    John loves to ride his bike. His bike and his teddy bear are his companions as he discovers new adventures in the world. He has so much joy and energy as he takes on the adventures of the day. During his bike ride, he explores the neighborhood by visiting a dog, picking up rocks, swinging in the park, smelling flowers, and so much more. And the entire time he has a cheerful smile on his face. This book will help kids look at taking a bike ride as an awesome time for fun exploration. It will help them see the beauty in the simplicity of life. Joyful John will teach your kids that every day can be an adventure if you allow it to be! With the challenging times that kids can encounter today, the positivity and fun in this book will fill an important gap in children's literature. I loved the book from start to finish! It made me smile, and it gave me a lift. We can all learn how to be happy and have fun. The earlier we do, the happier our lives will be.


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