Frances Ellen Walsh

Frances Ellen Walsh is a gifted storyteller. “I thought I was there!” is a frequent reaction to her stories. She bases her tales on dreams and experiences in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and most recently Kashmir, India (in the Himalayas). An artist, writer, and professor with a PhD in Metaphysics, the author has interwoven elements of the magical and mystical throughout Travels with Ellyn just as she has throughout her own life.


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Beyond the Drawbridge

Einstein said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” One wise being in Travels with Ellyn warned, “There will always be mysteries. This is one that you do not have to solve. Learn to accept the unsolved.” In Beyond the Drawbridge, ride with three travelers on an adventure through hill and dale—through real and uncharted territory—and discover that travel within is as adventurous as travel anywhere in the world. Enjoy every escapade!


  •  Elizabeth Sweet | 07/11/2018

    "Beyond the Drawbridge" by Frances Ellen Walsh is the sequel to Walsh's captivating first novel—“Travels with Ellyn”—in which Princess Ellyn of Aylesworth, her protective squire Mannick, and Jeriah, a visiting farmer from a nearby village with a penchant for elaborate storytelling, embark on a wondrous journey, meeting fanciful characters and seeing the world through new eyes. With whimsical chapter illustrations and well-developed characters, the book encourages readers of all ages to expand their worldviews through the characters' adventures. “Beyond the Drawbridge” is a tribute to the courage of those who look with hope beyond their current situation. The story also gives examples of the Laws of Attraction, Cause and Effect, and Abundance while encouraging readers to be the best they can be (and accept others for who they are). While traveling the world, Ellyn and her companions see that it is better to go with the flow and be open to new people, cultures, and experiences than to hunker down and wish to be back home. Princess Ellyn and her companions grow with travel and change in ways that could never have occurred at home; and a special relationship grows and develops for Ellyn, ultimately providing her with a lifelong companion. Life is an adventure—if only we would allow ourselves to experience new people, places, and cultures with an open heart and mind. This novel exemplifies how we form our own identities and, ultimately, our destinies.



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Travels with Ellyn

Travels with Ellyn is an enchanting fairy tale and adventure intertwined with the philosophy that what you see in others is a reflection of what is in you. Each episode exemplifies a Metaphysical Law of the Universe; faith in a positive outcome prevails. As you explore realms with Ellyn and her companions, make discoveries about yourself, and follow their example by giving yourself permission to be the best person you can be. Together, always striving to do our best, we create a unified community and a peaceful world.




  • Irene S. Roth | 03/22/2018



    This is a fairy tale like no other I have ever read. It has a lot of sophistication and real life lessons, ones that we can all take back with us into our lives.


    Walsh’s story is about empowerment and self expression. There are elements of the magical and mystical woven right into the story. It is a masterpiece that is not often seen in adventure fairy tales.


    Each episode in the book exemplifies a law of the universe. The story also has a very positive philosophy one that we need to appropriate into our time and that what we see in others is directly linked of how you perceive these people and what is contained in you. This is a great message for the younger person as well, given our difficult cultural times.


    As the reader explores these universes with Ellyn and the people who travel with her, we can all make similar discoveries about ourselves. We too can also follow their example and be the best version of ourselves.


    This story can be read by the younger reader and also it can be enjoyed by the older reader. There is so much to take in between the pages of this wonderful story. The pages of the book are also filled with stunning artwork from John S. Atkinson. These pieces of artwork will move the reader to a place of thought and reflection.


    I really enjoyed the metaphysical overtones in the story being a philosopher. I will definitely recommend this book to people in my immediate reading circle of friends.


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