John Voso, Jr.

John always wanted to write a book. Driven by the life of his nephew, Richie he has compiled “Today’s Heroes, Surviving with Style,” his first book. John is a lifelong salesman, professional bowler, lover of the Arts and many things Italian. John resides in Sagamore Hills, Ohio with his wife Debbie. They have 3 children Angela, John and Deanna. Website


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Today's Heroes, Surviving with Style

Today's Heroes is a compilation of stories from 23 cancer survivors. The book was motivated by Richie White, who lost his battle in 1991 to an aggressive brain tumor at the age of four. Today, his memory lives on with the Richie White Pediatric Family Fund at the Cleveland Clinic. The fund's mission is “Making Children Smile." Help us continue Richie's legacy; proceeds to benefit the Fund.




  • Bertha Barresi | 23/06/2011

    I finished the book in one evening! I could not put it down. As a caregiver myself with my sister going through her second bout with Cancer, the book was a great comfort to me! As I read each success story, my own spirits were lifted. I always had a positive outlook for my sister but Today's Heroes took me to another level! It is a must read for both the cancer patient and everyone else. John's and the survivors' stories really give you a better understanding of what cancer patients endure. They reveal their inner most feelings that you know your loved one is going through but won't tell you. I'm ready to purchase several more to help others deal with so many emotions; Great Job John!


  • Deb Stanzak | 21/02/2011

    I too had the opportunity to review the book before print, as well as know some of the cancer survivors featured in the book. An easy read, but the most inspirational, hopeful read you will ever experience! The Author, John Voso has presented a new tool of hope for those battling cancer through the 23 exceptional people who took the time to tell their story. This book is a must read for anyone with cancer, and a great gift for anyone knowing someone with cancer. TODAYS HEROES will allow the cancer patient to see the light at the end of the tunnel when they don't see one. My husband battled cancer, and I wish I had this book in the day to bring some hope into what was a long journey for our whole family. Kudos to John and 23 survivors who relived their stories for the good of others.


  • Joe Gomula | 01/02/2011

    I was lucky enough to read a few pages before it went to print and I can tell you this book should be read by anyone who is ready and willing to be inspired!!! I would like to thank John Voso for dedicating himself to such an amazing project and more important thanks to the 23 survivors in the book who shared their journey!



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