Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is a business owner whose creativity extends beyond his car wash, detail shop and equipment inventions. He is a man of faith sharing his life experiences and lessons through the "Cats of Riverview". When Tim is not creating, he can be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Pennsylvania.


Mr. Hoffman's expertise and encouragement, and Mr. Taylor's enthusiasm and support, is gratefully acknowledged.




The Cats of Riverview

This is a story about a special group of friends at Riverview High School, students involved in school sports and activities, and the members of the group called "The Rap Cats" coming together to share their gift and love of music with others. Each one of the characters make the story come alive, but each character has a story of their own to share. It is all of these experiences to which the reader can relate.


If friendship...real friendship...is important to you; if real friendship has not as yet developed in your life, and if respecting the views and opinions of your peers is essential to the formation of character, then follow the daily adventures of “The Rap Cats” and their friends. The "Cats of Riverview" will help the reader to share, and to understand that he or she is special, is not alone, and is loved by God.




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