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La Experiencia Humana

Ivonne Freige Retana

Running Miracle

Brad Traxler

Commander of My Care

Shermelle Schaffer

A Normal Guy:

When Your Normal Is Extraordinary

Matthew S. Miklasz

Vital Perspectives in

Understanding Salvation

Apostle Jammie L. Ford

Purposely Fit: 5

Simple Steps to a Legacy

Tim Martin & Margarita Martin

Imagine...The Possabilities

Libbi Chilia

Finding Me

Darmetreis Kilgore

Handle With Love

Donna J. Moore

Soaring with Frankie

Ilene Sims

Bracing Faith: Empowerment From a Domestic Violence Survivor and a Recovering Addict

Patricia Cardenas

A Curious Year in the Great
Vivarium Experiment

Tim Shields

A Doctor's Prescription for a Life of Joy, Love, and Peace

Dr. Joseph H. Ridgik

Hope: A Bridge Above an
Ocean of Doubt: A Memoir

Karen Goff Dyser

A Dirt Road to Somewhere: An Emmy Award-Winning Anchor 's Incredible Journey of Faith Over Fear

Romona Robinson

Finding the Beautiful You

Lisa Cassman

Tending My Garden:

A Celebration of Love, Life,

and Blessings

Jacqueline Miller Brown

Goals that Lead to Success

Shirley Kufeldt

America the Land that I Love

Shirley Kufeldt

The Wow Factor

Shirley Kufeldt

Wex's Wacky Adventure

To Koma Keone Island

Michael Joffroy

The Boy Who Couldn't Be Seen

Michael Joffroy

In All Things Giving Thanks
When Hope Seems Lost

Laura Smith

I Was Cursed To Be Blessed

Terry Wells

Wings held up by Hope

Timothy Reed

Bruised But Not Broken

Kendra Black

Desertion of Dreams

Pilu Alvigini

Overcoming Obstacles in College

Matthew W. Miller

The Mindfulness of Nature

Jo-Ann Petrucci Andrews

The Whole Life

Jerry Blevins

Bubbles of Faith

The Faith Connection

Sherri Gayle

You Choose Your Path

Crissy Butts

A Walk Within

Jacqueline Compagnoni

Women Were Designed
for Greatness Too!

Dianna Caraballo

Coping with the Loss of a Sibling

Roberta Stack-Costantino

Remembering “D”

The "D" Team

Strong Lily Blue

Nikki DeOliviera

The Stain: Crisis In Conscience

Ed DeVos


Sheila Forshaw

Scotty's Way

Jennifer Fura

The Young Ladies of Character


Kimberly Williams

The Young Ladies of Character


Kimberly Williams

I'm Thankful

Sue Lundquist

The Secret Language of the Heart

Catherine Seress

Mountains and Valleys

Daniel Trutza

It's All in Your Head

Duane Pajak

God's Special Forces

Darlene Laney

God Made Me Special,

Just Like You!

Nicki Olin

Living in God’s Essence

Adetokunbo Haastrup Oluyole

Don't Stop Believing

Kasey Crawford Kellem

The Path That Led Me Here

Kim Nottingham

Hope & Oxigen

Katie Kelley Detmer

Yarn Spinner a Yard of Thought

Donna Brown

Make Me Whole

Bill Pocernich

The Praying Pond

Michelle Nadasi

A Little Drink of Water, A Devotional of Spiritual Awakening

Dianna Caraballo

Bella Eve

Kasey Crawford-Kellem

Bakuru And The School On The Hill

The Westwood Bridge to
Burundi Project

Unwrapped Gifts

Michelle Ann Hawes

Two Faces of Me

Marilyn Donnellan

Keys to Recover your Power

Yehudit Lev

Reverse the Ruin

Denise G. Dalton

White Dresses (Vestes Brancas)

Monica Septimio

Nothing is Impossible

Monica Septimio

Be Thankful, be thankful

Monica Septimio

Lamentations of a Dad

Gene Nalbandian

Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment

Joe M. Sabol

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